1. Resistance to Change and Transformation

Resistance to change and transformation arises from the cyber or real-world effects of technology and humans. The technology traces left by these positive or negative effects on humans will occur as the resistance or preference of the next change. Those who understand the relationship of human with technology in the cyber and real world prefer more confidently and by leaving time. Those, who believe in the insecurity of leaving time or who decide not to make a choice, don’t believe in change and resist not to develop.

“Some people tend to hold their environment and surroundings responsible, mostly because of their insecurity. It is a fact that if we increase our self-confidence, our perception of our environment will also change. How is this change happening? We may never be able to directly change the environment, or influence what is going on. The change is not in the environment, but in how we interpret and perceive the environment. In summary, it is because of our personal perceptions that we maintain our self-confidence.” (Guleryuz, 2016, p.61)

Change and transformation are the basis of innovative intelligence. Innovative intelligence occurs when a person believes in himself and then in all individuals in the society. The existence of innovative intelligence in individuals matures with confidence and continues to live. The age, health, and life of innovative intelligence depend on change. Health issues are mostly mentioned in the concepts of movement and sport. The health of innovative intelligence in individuals also depends on movement. It is change and transformation that makes movement happen. To be standard is to stay still or repeat the same movements. What is the same and never changes, constantly repeating causes harm first to the human being and then to the environment. Even believing in it without changing the change affects the psychological health of individuals positively with the innovative intelligence approach. To believe plays an important role in achieving goals.

In some societies, masses, small groups, or individuals are biased towards issues that they do not know. It means that both the cultural building blocks of that society and the education system are not taught innovative thinking, that is, innovative intelligence. The change and transformation to be made for innovation, which the society is not aware of, turns into a crisis in individuals simultaneously. In fact, the first crisis or resistance has not yet reached change and transformation. It is in the mind of individuals and they show individual resistance to spread to society. In fact, change represents the replacement of something with something new, and transformation represents the processes related to that new thing. The most important process in transformation is human. In fact, human beings don’t resist the change itself, but the human role in the transformation after change. In other words, the struggle begins for the part related to the transformation itself. For this reason, those who will realize the change and transformation should first focus on the role of the people in the transformation process and guide them on what to do in the transformation, so that possible crises / resistances do not occur. In the context of change and transformation, they generally focus on the side that resists. But the thing, which mainly should be focused, is on the side that will explain the role of the human being in the transformation after change, that is, to realize the change and transformation.

Author: Dr. Evren Ersoy



Güleryüz, E. (2016). Etkili Öğrenci. Etap Yayınları.

Resistance to Change and Transformation